2020 has been “interesting” to say the least and with a global pandemic that’s canceled everything, Geek Insider decided to say “Screw You Wuhan Flu” and host our very own Virtual Con.

Our 2-Day event is live streaming on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel and video embed on our website.

Due to high demand
we’ve expanded our hours.

Saturday, April 11

10 am to 9 pm ET

Sunday, April 12

11 am to 7 pm ET

Our schedule is packed full of goodness and fun with special guests in the film, writing, cosplay, comic books, and independent artists of all kinds. We’ve got cool door prizes – but you have to be there in the live audience to win! Our 2-day live streaming event is being simulcast in multiple locations on the internet.

Where to Watch GOVC

Leo Nocedo
Rob Andersin
Christian Basel
Matthew Harris
Meredith Loughran

Check Out Our Featured Guests

The best way you can show support and love is to click the link to follow these amazing people all over the interwebz.

Yes, we said door prizes!

Geek Insider is proud to partner with several of our vendors and sponsors to offer amazing door prizes during our event!

We’ll have random drawings for things from Mobile Edge gear, special codes for CUE Cards, the Universe and Everything, books, comic books, t-shirts, and all kinds of swag. 

There’s ONE catch. 

You have to be there to win! 

Mark your calendar for April 11-12
and let’s rock this thing!


A page for our AMAZING Sponsors & Door Prize Donations

Cosplay & Artists

Show us your stuff!Whether you’re a cosplayer who needs a good excuse to get into costume or an artist who wants to show off your creations, we’ve got a panel for you.

Writing & Comic Books

Are you a writer?Our Writing and Comic Book panel is where you can show us your book covers and talk about the tales that you weave.

Movies & Podcasts

Big screen, little screen or the voice behind the screen. This panel for Movies and Podcasts are highlighting the faces and voices in the multi-media, mainstream and indie world.


Any cash donations are completely gratuitous to help offset administrative costs. There is no obligation or further demand to the public or vendors for any action to participate in Geek Out Virtual Con 2020 beyond what is stated in the Creator Contract.